You are in the English version Luna Sacra - Un cálido Hotel boutique en el centro de Tapalpa
Luna Sacra - A Charming boutique Hotel downtown Tapalpa

Walking around Tapalpa

Walkind around the town is a very pleasent experience. With its stone streets and old buildings you'll feel like in another era. Conveniently located just three blocks away from the Jardin Principal Meson Luna Sacra invites you to visit us and discover the many activities our town has to offer: extreme sports, fishing, horse back ridding, dirt biking, delicious country food, it's specialty "Borrego al pastor" and its typical pomegranate sprit "ponche de Granada".

Meanwhile watch this gallery we prepared for you.

  • Tapalpa: Big skies over the church
  • Tapalpa: The old church
  • Tapalpa: The old and the new church shares the same plaza
  • Tapalpa: You can use the church tower's to guide yourself
  • Tapalpa: Discover yourself the hidden places
  • Tapalpa: Peculiar brick rooftops make this building a very special one
  • Tapalpa: Visit this place and get to know the story behind it.
  • Tapalpa: Meditate in silence
  • Tapalpa: Green fields almost all year
  • Tapalpa: Rainbow coming out of the rocks
  • Tapalpa: "Las Piedrotas" is the most famous place in Tapalpa
  • Tapalpa: These rare rock formations get the most of the attention
  • Tapalpa: Feel the country side of Tapalpa
  • Tapalpa: Moouuu!!!
  • Tapalpa: Walk around...
  • Tapalpa: For the rainy days we recomend our chimeney!
  • Tapalpa: The peaceful plaza offers all kind of food shopping
  • Tapalpa: Where time stands still
  • Tapalpa: Notice how all town is painted white with the bottom in dark red
  • Tapalpa: Traditional mexican crafts
  • Tapalpa: Birds-eye look
  • Tapalpa: Breed the air of tradition
  • Tapalpa: Typical mexican candy are for sale here
  • Tapalpa: Accross the plaza
  • Tapalpa: If you get up early morning, come and have breakfast here
  • Tapalpa: The plaza's kiosk
    Visit the plaza at different hours and you'll find something else every time.
  • Tapalpa: You'll find all kinds of antojitos walking down the main street
    Corn, candy, typical local fruits and much more!
  • Tapalpa: A house entrance
  • Tapalpa: Paulino's place to have breakfast or lunch
  • Tapalpa: Paulino's entrance
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