Getting here

Getting here

Get directions on how to get there directly from your cell phone with the following link:

Coming from Guadalajara

We recommend driving at day taking the route Acatlán de Juárez

Returning to Guadalajara

Leave Tapalpa and follow the road until you find the cruise to Ciudad Guzmán - Guadalajara (free). Once there, turn left and that road will take you to the Colima / Guadalajara highway (fee) or you can stay on the same free highway until you reach Guadalajara.

By Bus from Guadalajara

You will have to take the bus in the old bus station ("Central Vieja") located one block from Calzada Independencia, at the end of Niños Héroes Av. The copany name is "Linea Sur de Jalisco". Estimated bus time: 3 hours.

Get directions on how to get there: